Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beyonce Knowles in Samsung commercial

Beyonce Samsung

The R&B Celebrity Beyonce was recently seen filming a commercial for Samsung Electronics (the world’s largest manufacturer of electronics) in New York with with one if its mobile phone devices with earphones. Although Beyonce got us used to see her glamorous with expensive jewels and astonishing outfits but in this lucrative endorsement deal she has a more relaxed, casual look.

In other Celebrity news, though Beyonce Knowles has received three Soul Train Music Award nominations (for Best Female Album, Best Female Single for ‘Irreplaceable’ and the Michael Jackson Award for Best Music Video), yesterday the singer received only the Best R&B soul single, female for “Irreplaceable” award.

UPDATED: More...Samsung Electronics announced the collaboration of its Ultra Music - SGH-F300 with the R&B Celebrity Beyonce. The campaign will start in April from Europe, that means TV commercials, advertisements, global concert tours and other co-promotional activities. As a bonus Ultra Music mobile users will have Beyonce’s Irreplaceable hit which will come along with the mobile phones.

Samsung is thrilled to be working with Beyonce because we share a lot in common - both have strong passion for music, video and entertainment, and are considered icons in our respective industries. We both aspire to deliver seamless satisfaction, bring music to life.
- Geesung Choi, President of Samsung Electronics' Telecommunication Business, explained -

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The Celebrity couple Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z Split?

Beyonce Oscars

According to MediaTakeOut.com in an exclusive interview with one of Jay Z’s "friends" - who spoke to them on the condition of anonymity - it was revealed that the loved Celebrity couple Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z have split after a 5 year relationship. The reason was quite obvious, Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z (38 years old) wanted, for some time now, to settle down and have a family while Beyonce (and her family) did not. Apparently they remain good friends, they are very much in love - as the insider reveals - and things could get back on track. Hopefully we will soon have an official statement about whether is true or not.

[Jay Z]’s not 25 - he’s been ready to settle down and have a family for a while now. But Beyonce was asking him for more time. It got to the point where [Jay Z] was constantly pressuring her and it wasn’t good for the relationship … So they both decided that it would be best if they just stayed as friends.

Beyonce’s family was completely against her getting married. They’re cool with [Jay Z] and all … they just felt that he was a little too serious for her at this point in her life. And at this point in her career.

They still love each other and they’re still good friends so you can’t expect them to just cut things off completely … For now, it’s over. But who knows what might happen in a couple of months.
- said the insider -

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Beyonce on the cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Beyonce Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover

The R&B Celebrity Beyonce is now among the celebrities who have posed for Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit magazine as a cover model and the second African-American along with Tyra Banks. Beyonce's photos was taken on a beach in Florida wearing a yellow and pink bikini by House of Dereon, designed by mom Tina Knowles. This year, Sports Illustrated asked musicians like Gnarls Barkley, Kanye West, Kenny Chesney, and the guys in Panic! At The Disco to pose in swimsuits for the Sports Illustrated issue.

Reports say that Beyonce revealed she had a hard time deciding about doing swimsuit covers refusing offers until now. It seems that she didn't want to do a shoot that would make her look less than classy : "I wanted to make sure that when I did one [a swimsuit layout], it's really classy and that I can look back at it years from now and show my kids. I can say 'see momma was beautiful. Look how good I looked!' [...] I'm a really shy person."

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Beyonce Knowles leads Soul Train Nominations


According to the news, R&B Celebrity Beyonce Knowles has received three Soul Train Music Award nominations, for Best Female Album, Best Female Single for 'Irreplaceable' and the Michael Jackson Award for Best Music Video, while Mary J Blige has two nominations, Best Female R'n'B Soul Single and Best Female R'n'B Soul Album. On the male nominations side we have celebrities like John Legend (Best Male Album and Best Male Single) Chris Brown (Best Male Single and Best Male Album), Ne-Yo and Yung Joc. The winners will be announced at the 21st Anniversary Soul Train Music Awards which will take place on March 10 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Check out the Soul Train Music Awards nominations list:More...

Best R'n'B/Soul Single, Female

Beyoncé, 'Irreplaceable'
Mary J. Blige, 'Take Me As I Am'
Keyshia Cole, 'Love'
LeToya, 'Torn'

Best R'n'B/Soul Single, Male

Avant, '4 Minutes'
Chris Brown, 'Yo (Excuse Me Miss)'
John Legend, 'Save Room'
Ne-Yo, 'Sexy Love'

Best R'n'B/Soul Single, Group, Band or Duo

Gnarls Barkley, 'Crazy'
The Isley Brothers feat. Ronald Isley, 'Just Came Here to Chill'
Jagged Edge, 'Good Luck Charm'
The Pussycat Dolls feat. Avant, 'Stickwitu'

Best R'n'B/Soul Album, Female

Beyoncé, 'B'Day'
Mary J. Blige, 'The Breakthrough'
India.Arie, 'Testimony: Vol. 1, Life 'n' Relationship'
Monica, 'The Makings of Me'

Best R'n'B/Soul Album, Male

Chris Brown, 'Chris Brown'
Jamie Foxx, 'Unpredictable'
John Legend, 'Once Again'
Robin Thicke, 'The Evolution of Robin Thicke'

Best R'n'B/Soul Album, Group, Band or Duo

Danity Kane, 'Danity Kane'
Gnarls Barkley, 'St. Elsewhere'
The Isley Brothers feat. Ronald Isley, Baby Makin' Music
'Jagged Edge, Jagged Edge'

Best R'n'B, Soul or Rap New Artist

Lupe Fiasco
Rick Ross
Yung Joc

Michael Jackson Award for Best R'n'B, Soul or Rap Video

Beyoncé, 'Irreplaceable'
Busta Rhymes feat. Will.i.am and Kelis, 'I Love My Chick'
Jay-Z, 'Show Me What You Got'
Jim Jones, 'We Fly High'

Best R'n'B, Soul or Rap Dance Cut

Dem Franchize Boyz fest. Lil Peanut and Charlay, 'Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It'
Sean Paul, 'Give It Up to Me'
Webstar and Young B feat. the Voice of Harlem, 'Chicken Noodle Soup'
Yung Joc, 'It's Goin' Down'

Best Gospel Album

The Caravans, 'Paved the Way'
Kirk Franklin, 'Sounds from the Storm'
Bishop G.E. Patterson and Congregation, 'Singing the Old Time Way Volume II'
Youth for Christ, 'The Struggle Is Over

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Beyonce Knowles the Most Desirable Woman Of 2007

Beyonce Knowles

According to a recent poll of AskMen.com, the R&B Celebrity Beyonce Knowles was voted as the Most Desirable Woman Of 2007 of the 99 "most alluring" women in the world named by the website. The female celebrities were named because of their beauty, intelligence, humor, charisma and ambition by 8.5 million votes. For the Top 99 Most Desirable Women 2007, R&B Celebrity Beyonce (who is preparing a Spanish-language re-release of her B’Day album) was followed by Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba rounding out the top 10 Adriana Lima, Jessica Biel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Shakira, Maria Menounos, Angelina Jolie and Elisha Cuthbert.

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Beyonce Knowles, Scarlett Johansson and David Beckham in a Disney advertising campaign

David Beckham Disney

According to the news, R&B Celebrity Beyonce Knowles, actress Scarlett Johansson and footballer ace David Beckham are appearing in a new Disney advertising campaign, shooting in various fairytale spots in a promotion for Walt Disney's theme parks. Among other celebrities, Beyonce Knowles played Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Scarlett Johansson was Cinderella and Beckham was Sleeping Beauty's prince. Disney gathered them to promote Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Year of a Million Dreams campaign. The first images of photographer Annie Leibovit will appear in the March issues of Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, GQ, Conde Nast Traveller, Cookie and The New Yorker reports USA TODAY.

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Beyonce and Shakira duet

Shakira and Beyonce

It's official, R&B Celebrity Beyonce has collaborated with Pop-Latin Celebrity Shakira on a new song for the Spanish-language re-release of her B’Day album. Beyonce revealed to MTV that she always loved Shakira, and the track 'Beautiful Liar' tells the story of two women who stick together in front of a double player man. I really hope the duet turns up to be a worldwide hit because the two are very talented singers; the reissue of 'B'Day' will also come with a DVD featuring five new videos.
In other Celebrity news, Beyonce will give style and a sexy look to Jay-Z's basketball franchise by designing new outfits. Jay-Z is a part-owner of NBA team the New Jersey Net while Beyonce and her mother TINA have the House of Dereon fashion line together.

I've always loved her and I've always wanted to work with her and the song fits perfectly. It basically talks about two women. The same guy is trying to get at both of them but instead of them fighting, they're saying, 'He's a beautiful liar, let's not fight, let's stick together - forget him!' I think it's a great concept. Before becoming a global superstar as a solo artist and acclaimed actress, Beyoncé was the lead singer of Destiny's Child.
- R&B Celebrity Beyonce said to MTV -

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Petition to re-shoot Deja Vu video for Beyonce label


The R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles will probably have to re-shoot her newest video for the single ‘Deja Vu’, the first single from the R&B singer’s upcoming album ‘B’Day’. It seems like Colombia Records - Beyonce’s label - received a petition signed by more the 3000 people in which, the fans ask for the re-shoot of R&B singer’s newest video ‘Deja Vu’.

According to this petition, the new video of the R&B celebrity should be taken off the air due to ‘poor editing and unacceptable interactions between Beyonce and her boyfriend Jay-Z’. The petition also mentions that the video is ‘an under-whelming representation of the talent and quality of previous music video projects of Ms. Knowles’ and that it has ‘no clear story or theme’.

In other celebrity news, Beyonce new album is now available on Apple’s iTunes, although it hasn’t been released yet, while rumors says her boyfriend hip-hop celebrity Jay-Z is planning a comeback album, an album which is set to be released in November.

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No Wedding Yet For Jay-Z and Beyonce

Beyonce and Jay-Z

According to the news, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and R&B celebrity Beyonce didn't tied the knot at the Martha’s Vineyard over the July 4th holiday weekend. Def Jam spokesperson Jana Fleischman let the media know through New York Daily News, that despite wild rumors Jay-Z and Beyonce' wedding didn't took place, although the celebrity couple were at Martha’s Vineyard that weekend.

On the other side, the rumors side, a source for the Daily News reported that the celebrity couple were trying to rent out a huge house to hold the wedding festivities in. Probable because many people are expecting Jay-Z and Beyonce' wedding, especially when there are money involved, as sports gambling website accepted bets about when the celebrity couple would get married and even the sex of their baby in October of last year.

R&B celebrity Beyonce and Hip-Hop mogul shared the stage at the recent BET Awards ceremony with great performance of her new single, "Deja Vu."

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Beyonce album B'day due in September


R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles has an album surprise for us exactly on her 25th birthday on September 4. After a lot of work, Beyonce co-produced, wrote and arranged her second album named B'day with a first single "Déja vu" featuring Jay-Z.

This second and much expected album, B'Day it's the follow-up to 2003's Grammy-winning Dangerously In Love, and was starting giving shape while R&B celebrity was also busy with the forthcoming movie Dreamgirls, which is based on the career of The Supremes.

R&B celebrity Beyonce made a stunning appearance on the red carpet at the 59th Cannes Film Festival after she lost 20 pounds for the role in Dreamgirls. In other celebrity news, sadly or not Kelly Rowland will have to stay in line for releasing her second solo album making place to Beyonce second solo album, B'Day.

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Beyonce true style appearance to Cannes

Beyonce Cannes

A stunning appearance on the red carpet at the 59th Cannes Film Festival, was from R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles, for a promotional preview of her new feature film 'Dreamgirls.' In true style, Beyonce shows her new slim body wearing a blue dress with a flower pattered train designed by her mother Tina Knowles.

With a dream cast that includes celebrities like Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy, DreamWorks and Paramount's much-anticipated film version of the Tony Award®-winning Broadway musical debuts at the Cannes Film Festival with an exclusive 20 minutes of footage.

I lost 20 pounds [for the movie]. The hardest thing was six months of dedication, but this was so important to me I would do anything. It feels so wonderful to be here. It's a whole new energy.
- R&B celebrity Beyonce told reporters -

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Beyonce Offers Whitney Houston Help


The R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles has vowed to help Whitney Houston beat her addiction to crack cocaine and wrote to the pop diva to offer her support. According to Britain's Daily Star newspaper, Beyonce was horrified by reports that the pop diva Whitney Houston is reportedly hooked on crack and spiralling hopelessly out of control and believes that in this moment she need her friends by around her and she will stick by her. Whitney Houston discovered Beyonce when she was in Destiny's Child and helped write and produce many of her tracks.

The R&B celebrity Beyonce isn't the only star to want to help Whitney, as last week Mary J. Blige said she praying for the troubled diva.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Destiny's Child Gets Hollywood Walk Star

Destiny's Child

According to the press publication, R&B group Destiny's Child accepted on Tuesday a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles, the lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning trio, joined former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the installation of the walk's 2,035th star. The R&B group, Destiny's Child split last year to pursue solo careers, but hip-hop star Jay-Z, Beyonce’s boyfriend, said Destiny’s Child will carry on performing and recording together in 2007, despite their split announce.

While R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles wants to release her next solo album this summer, Kelly Rowland has quickly dived in to work on her next solo album enrolling Beyonce’s sister, Solange for it.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Celebrity of February: Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Grammy

The R&B singer Beyonce, who was our Celebrity of November 2005, is now also the Celebrity of February because of her recent film Pink Panter and the upcoming movie Dreamgirls. However, last month the R&B star also caught the attention with her fashion range - House of Dereon. The R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles reportedly received many hate mails for selling animal fur in her fashion range. The letters came thanks to Beyonce's label Dereon which started selling clothes made of rabbit and chinchilla fur - and teddy bears made of mink.

In present, Beyonce Knowles is focusing on her role in the upcoming movie "Dreamgirls" and her music career will have to wait, but not that much as the R&B celebrity revealed she is going to work on her next album after she ends up filming. That being said Beyonce wants to release her next solo album this summer due to her busy movie schedule. Beyonce's new album will be the follow-up of "Dangerously in Love," debut album.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beyonce plans an album in summer


The R&B celebrity Beyonce Knowles wants to release her next solo album this summer even though she has a busy movie schedule. Beyonce's Hollywood career has taken off, and because of it the singer has only six weeks to record the album.

The beautiful Beyonce, who is currently shooting Dreamgirls, considers that she is not facing a problem as she had done it before. The movie, which is based on the Broadway musical about a trio of black female soul singers who cross over to the pop charts in the early 1960's, could be the film of Beyonce's movie career, if all goes right. Beyonce first film was the smash hit Austin Powers In Goldmember and now The Pink Panther remake with Steve Martin.

I'm going to try and do an album after the movie. I want to put the album out in the summer, which means I have six weeks to record it after the movie (is completed). But I've done that with just about every album, so we'll see if it happens again.
- said R&B celebrity Beyonce -

Meanwhile, this news of a new album came as a surprise to us as we all thought Beyonce will take an one year break from music field. The singer's album will be her second as Beyonce had already released an R&B album - named Dangerously In Love - when she was still a Destiny's Child member. I wonder if Beyonce upcoming album will have at least the same success or even greater then the first solo album.

In present Beyonce's "Check On It" featuring Slim Thug reach up its fourth week on top of Billboard Hot 100 and Pop 100 singles charts Thursday, the single is part of the 'Pink Panther's soundtrack.

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